Friday, February 13, 2009

Europeans Clawing Their Way Back Into the Womb

Ah, Europe, where it’s always the 19th century. Barcepundit major José M. Guardia sees these inspired minds in love with global courts, governance, and brute authority reaching for their usual comfort food:

SHAMEFUL: A poll commissioned by the ADL shows that 33% of Europeans blame the Jews for the financial meltdown. A mind-boggling 74% Spaniards think so; another 2/3 of Spaniards think that Jews are more loyal to Israel than to their home countries.
And to think that the smart, stupid, and even occasionally normative people of the continent are lecturing others about ethnic strife and prejudices. Never mind all that, a third of them are looking for a stetl to find themselves a Tevye or an Uncle Vanya type to behead.

Perhaps the same quietly grumbling respondents will start for Jews, and blame their very existence on the “atmosphere” that would cause some innocent soul to resort to extremes to feed themselves in welfare paradise:
EUOBSERVER / BRUSSELS - The bank heist at the European Parliament in Brussels on Thursday scooped €50,000, with police still looking for the robber on Friday.

"The bank services have said it was about €50,000," a parliament official told EUobserver. "The police haven't caught him. Our security services are looking at all the camera images and are in contact with the police."
It’s a building that you practically need to get a rectal exam to walk into, but keep that to yourselves if you know any lonely Bruxellois, what with this being the cusp of Valentine’s day and all.

Still, I’m hopeful that some artfulness is found in the fact that a brave, romantic “pistolero” can bring some joy to someone’s life.
The attack occurred at around 4pm local time at a branch of the ING bank inside the parliament's Paul Henri Spaak (PHS) building in the heart of the European quarter.

"The man showed a gun, or something that like looked like a gun, the staff were afraid so they gave him the cash in the drawer and he escaped," European Parliament head spokesman Jaume Duch told this website.

Nobody was hurt, he added.

The bag used in the robbery was quickly recovered, another official said.
Gee, that’s nice.

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