Sunday, February 08, 2009

Angolagate: Threats from Pierre Falcone Silence VIP Witnesses

Un participant avoue avoir « peur pour sa sécurité personnelle et celle de [sa] famille. Je souhaite que mes déclarations soient confidentielles. Gaydamak et Falcone sont des gens peu recommandables. Ils m'en veulent... »
The "gigantic flux of corruption generated by the 970 million dollars' worth of contracts for weapons sales to Angola between 1993 and 1998" (the evidence related to Angolagate filling no less than 150 tomes) is the subject of several articles in Le Monde, notably those of Pascale Robert-Diard.

Because of "gifts" the main defendant (Pierre Falcone) has handed over to various bigwigs (as can be read in "Pierre Falcone et ses obligés"), not many of the VIP witnesses in question (such as Charles Pasqua, Jean-Charles Marchiani, Paul-Loup Sulitzer, Jean-Christophe Mitterrand, Jacques Attali, Jean-Noël Tassez, and Georges Fenech) are willing to testify — citing various pressures and threats to self and family should they decide to do so. As for Yves Bertrand, the former secret service director refuses outright to give evidence.

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