Thursday, November 13, 2008

So, it was true!

My EU-centric brothers and sisters have spent years refuting the claims of bendy-banana and ugly-squash regulations propogated by Bruxelles. The rules were derided as "populism" and "non-existant". Imagine the "surprise" when "discovering" the regulations are true:

In the European Union, carrots must be firm but not woody, cucumbers must not be too curved and celery has to be free of any type of cavity. This was the law, one that banned overly curved, extra-knobbly or oddly shaped produce from supermarket shelves.

But in a victory for opponents of European regulation, 100 pages of legislation determining the size, shape and texture of fruit and vegetables have been torn up. On Wednesday, EU officials agreed to axe rules laying down standards for 26 products, from peas to plums.
So, relaxing 100 pages of legislation that "never" existed. Gosh, who knew?

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