Thursday, November 13, 2008

Perhaps there is a law against this....

...but should we really care.

Having spent most of the past five years living and working in a very hot war-zone, your very humble co-host has seen and experienced some not so pleasant things, so be it.

That being said it is quite difficult to fathom, read, or comprehend this story in London (Haringey) regarding the long-standing torture and murder of a 17-month old child, Baby P . The long-standing torture and murder carried out by his "mother", Tracey Connolly, his "step-father", Stephen Barker, and his "step-uncle", Jason Barker (Owen).

Quite unbelieveable why these absolute shreds of human debris can not be named by the media. We just did, fuck 'em. Along with the governmental response.

Please do not waste your time thinking about these three shreds, think about the 17-month old they tortured and murdered, Peter Connolly .... Baby P .

Update: The BBC has 404'd their related links above. Courtesy of Google, the cache version of the original BBC article from August 2007 which names the murderers.

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