Monday, October 27, 2008

Liberals Now Suddenly Believe that there is no such thing as too much Money in Politics

It's really like to have a little chat face to face to all of those lefties who have claim for decades on end something that just isn't true - that anyone who opposes them either buys elections by outspending them or steals them with magical voting machines and pinkertons.


What are those people who railed on and on about it doing now? Buying the US Presidential election by outspending by a factor of 300% on TV ads, laundering government grant money (for studies and education programs) into their campaign, engaging in credit card fraud, race-baiting, and engaging in voter fraud.

Why have the left always lept to accuse others of theft? Because it's what they know. It's they've always done. LBJ even used to joke about "voting early and voting often" and "taking down names at teh cemetaries".

All for a good cause, I'm sure.

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