Sunday, October 26, 2008

Erik Explains Sarah Palin to His Cat

Who is the Dan Quayle of 2008?
Is it Sarah Palin? Or is it...

Twenty years ago, the Republican candidate for president in the 1988 election (George Bush's father) had his sanity questioned about (and was ridiculed for) his choice of vice-president, a young, inexperienced, unknown pretty face with an alleged lack of credentials who would go on to embarrass him (George H Bush) with his allegedly inexcusable gaffes.

So twenty years later, the question is:
is Sarah Palin the Dan Quayle of 2008?
Or... is it another candidate in the presidential race?

FYI: This appeared as the very first video letter to the editor of the Cleveland Plain Dealer

(PS: Ladies and gents, you are authorized to 5-star and to favorite this video and the William Ayers video, not for my (and Jixie Juny's) sake, but to get these videos' message circulated as widely as possible…)

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