Thursday, July 24, 2008

Tourism is not an International Relations Credential

Today on BBC, it was summed up quite nicely. There was a brief snippet of sound thrown into a horribly disorganized piece flashing uncritically from one bit of Obama-idolitry to another, where a German state minister was quoted saying [Obama] "he represents civil rights to me", in a statement based solely on his image and the color of his skin, is 40 years late to the lefty zeitgeist party, and is utterly ignorant of the involvement of the democratic party in Illinois being more along the lines of Bull Conner, a democrat, than with Martin Luther King, a republican.

The question is, do our news editor-created, airbrushed, bumbling, leftist idiots outdo their news editor-created, airbrushed, bumbling, leftist idiots.

To underscore just how badly Germans are struggling with their hideously poor understanding of a larger world that America inhabits, they can't seem to figure out how we can be so evil, yet so weak:
Among Germans, 88% believe the U.S. influences events in their country despite a simultaneous belief that the U.S. is a spent power; 47% think that influence is a bad thing; only 12% call it good. And 80% believe America has a negative impact on Germany's economy — an idea so plainly wrong as to be laughable.

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