Friday, July 25, 2008

Democratic Candidate Attempts Impersonation of an Average American, Fails

One thing Americans know about the Euro-bama mystery tour is that it reveals why we don’t want the man his superficial promoters abroad want to be “the world’s candidate”.

Democrat presidential candidate Barack Obama has compared Americans unfavorably with Europeans, which seems to be a recurring theme among Democrats in general. This time it has to do with language. When Europeans come to America, says Obama, they speak English along with their French and German. But when Americans go to Europe, all they can say is "Merci beaucoup." I guess that assumes they all go to France when they go to Europe. But be that as it may, the point seems to be, Europeans can speak the language of the country they visit, while Americans can't.

That is not the case. In fact, it is a ridiculous argument.
All it really is, is a the usual display of European ignorance by proxy.
When Europeans visit Spain (which they do in droves), do they speak Spanish? Perhaps the equivalent of "Merci beaucoup" but not much more than that. Not to mention when they visit Latin America. What language do they speak then? English. How chauvinistic! And how about when Europeans visit Portugal, or Denmark, or the Netherlands, or Poland, or the Czech Republic, or Italy, or.... What language do they speak? Either their native German or French (if that's where they're from), or ... English.
It’s even worse that they’re pandering to some notion that there is “one world view”, but that’s something that the left in Europe and America have always fallen for. To the surprise of German Green Party candidate who certainly learned everything she knows about the US from a protest sign or the hateful tirades of American leftists themselves:
But the Green Party's Deputy Parliamentary Leader voiced what many politicians, especially on the left, probably feel, when he told reporters, "Barack Obama's visit shows: there is another America."
Who knew? Everyone who isn’t ignorant and doesn’t share you narrow world view or doesn’t crave absolute uniformity of thought, that’s who.

All the while, the making of the myth-making continues, and anything that isn’t skin deep or based on a simple, flattering adjective is ignored. For example, can Democrats really call themselves “worldly” when they can’t even get a grip on the variety of things that the people worldwide find meaningful? Well, they never have in the past, especially when it comes to promoting views that most humans find repellant.
But the Ghanaian song [about Obama] adds two starkly negative chords. Over the rat-a-tat-tat of simulated gunfire, it cautions Obama about white racists who could harm him. Then it warns that his entire nation faces doom on Judgment Day, because of "legalizing abortion in America."

Do listeners realize that Obama himself is a strong advocate of abortion rights? I don't know. But here's what I do know: Africans are deeply conservative on cultural issues, especially abortion and gay rights. And when they find out that Obama isn't, he might start to lose some of his luster.

Consider a recent column out of Uganda, where, as in most of Africa, abortion is prohibited by law. "The Democrats whom Obama wants to take to the White House are known for killing unborn babies," columnist Owen Kibenge declared.

Even worse, Kibenge continued, Obama supports civil unions and adoption rights for homosexual couples. "I am certain that the majority of Ugandans would not subscribe to this, even if it meant not voting for a black man," Kibenge added.
Lefty, the world is listening. Some of them want you in govern the US because they hate America. Some of them don’t want you in power because you hate their values. Some of them are actually struggling with the idea that voting on racial lines might not be what someone meant by “content of their character”, but the idea of not having your own skin color or gender chaining you to a candidate is bubbling through, and it’s your loss, and democracy’s gain.

Your “hate Bush” campaign did more damage abroad than anything else the US has had to do militarily, succeeded in undermining US policy, damaging American leverage worldwide, and now you can’t wait to do some more of it. Thanks for doing your best to try to sink the ship.

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