Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Slightly Less Interesting Than Pepto-Bismol

The EU realizes that the only way anyone will “believe in it” is if they buffalo people with propaganda advertising. From the unctuous, state-run Euractiv :

Consumer policy is moving up the European Commission's agenda as the EU becomes increasingly concerned about its popularity level among citizens.
Criticism that the EU is cut off from the concerns of its citizens led Communications Commissioner Margot Wallström to launch a 'Communicate Europe in partnership' initiative in October 2007, which seeks to foster greater cooperation between EU institutions and national governments in communicating EU policies. 

Boosting popular support for the European project is also seen as critical to reversing the steady decline in voter turnout in the run-up to the European Parliament elections in June 2009.
Off to a great start, nay? You realize that they’re trying to call their obligation to listening to citizens to be something like listening to customers. It comes with the same baggage that the social welfare system will call a juvenile delinquent a “client”.

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