Monday, June 23, 2008

Oil Fuels War!

Chavez threatens to cut off oil shipments and nationalize European assets to the EU if they deport illegal immigrants from Latin America. The only problem is that most of Venezuela’s oil can only be refined in the US, and European investors were intelligent enough not to leave much of anything within the reach of that buffoon.

Le Parisien picks up on an item bouncing around the Francophone blogosphere for about a week now:

An eye for an eye. In the same way that European countries decide to return undocumented immigrants to their countries of origin, countries of Latin America can decide on their side "the return of European investments," Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez threatened during a press conference.

The symbolic gesture seems, however: according to the latest figures available from the European Commission, the share of Venezuelan oil in all oil imports from the European Union accounted for only 0.9% in 2005.
Thankfully, not everyone suffers from the Zapatero paradox.

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