Sunday, June 22, 2008

NGO complains about lack of Imperious Control over Government Funds


The organisation groups over 600 NGOs working to combat racism, xenophobia, anti-Semitism and Islamophobia in all 27 EU member states.

According to the Indian-born, Pakistani-raised Dane, if each country chooses to spend the EU money according to its own definition of 'intercultural dialogue', the targetted minorities stand little chance of being involved in dialogue with the majority communities.
In other words, he doesn’t want governments to spend the money their own moneys that they’re getting back from the EU in a manner that elected officials would with anything else – with at least SOME semblance of a mandate from the public.

But since activists thrive and dine on propagating the belief that all people are wrong in the way they define it, unless they act on their wishes and buy them off, then these “enlightened” masses of tolerance and love übermenschen that is suppose to make Europeans better that and distinct to, for examble, Americans, Israelis, etc. (but not Robert Mugabe)...
"The commission should have said: 'By interculturalism we mean that majorities with all their resources and money interact with minorities who do not have those things'. Ask them [the minorities] what kind of activities they want in the 'intercultural dialogue' programme. Their picture is completely different from that of the governments," Mr Quraishy said.
...which used to be called redistribution. In this case, there are specific social features, almost entirely genetic, that qualify one for this new form of human equality.
The European year of intercultural dialogue has a budget of €10 million, plus money from EU capitals, to be spent on seven flagship multi-European projects and 27 national projects involving culture, education, youth, sport and citizenship.

It aims to encourage understanding, tolerance, solidarity and a sense of common destiny among people of all origins and cultures in Europe.
And they want to create this solidarity by chopping them up into smaller and smaller ethnic factions that think the world owes them something, as opposed to say, appealing to basic positive human values that they might (or should) have in common.

For all the self-congratulation and sneering at others, their “commitment” to these things seems like a feeble fig leaf at best. All €10 million really buys is a chance to get a good press story here and there, and the hope that a few European that aren’t bigoted and hateful can actually be found. It’s just enough to maintain a pretext, and a sort of blood-money payment to unelected organizations trying to commander government funds and use it to political ends.

Nothing new in EUtopia.

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