Friday, April 04, 2008

Thank the American Left

Their gift to the French (left, right and ‘center’) was a cookbook narrative they could follow without critical thinking: Sarko Derangement Syndrome. Charles Bremner:

But there is another way of looking at “Psycho Sarko”. The neurosis may not be on the President's side, but with the French and their mania with him. For months Super-Sarko has dominated conversation. The psychiatrists say their patients bring him up as soon as they hit the couch, so they have coined a new term - “acute Sarkozis”. This means being obsessed by the phenomenon of the President - le personnage mythologique - rather than the real man. From there it is only a small step to seeing that France may not know its President as well as it thinks.
Add to it the usual self-distractions of fake issues and causes, the talking in circles, and the imagining that these things make one a public intellectual and the ‘globalization’ of the worst features of these buffoons on both sides of the puddle is complete. It’s just a matter of time before they call it “American cultural imperialism.” One wonders if the European left is even capable of an independent thought.

As if wester money was behind China’s action in 1950, or that the € existed in 1950, and that heroic Serguei cared one wit about it then, or anything like it today...

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