Thursday, April 03, 2008

À Demain À Deux Mains

Simplistic Europeans luuuuurve Obama, just as long as they have no idea who he is or if he even has a platform.

Hey, BHL - why don’t the two of you just get a room.

"I swore to myself – and documented this promise in a chapter of my book 'American Vertigo' (review) – that I would never forget the image, when he entered the scene at exactly 23 hours, with his light, dance-like step and the wondrous face of this brown American appeared in the stage lights – an imaginary twin of the illegitimate child of Thomas Jefferson. (...) Is he the first black to understand that it makes more sense to play with seduction than guilt? The first to decide not to be the accusation against America but rather the promise of its new chance?"
Calling him a “white negro” would be perfectly normal on the great, lesson-giving continent of wisdom, but in the United States, we would see that kind of atmospheric racism for what it really is whether someone wants it that way or not: treating a man like an inanimate object because of his appearance. Bringing the point home are comments on the blog asking if Barack Obama is “black enough” laced with the usual obsession with Jews that follows Bernard-Henri Levy around everywhere he writes.

The best thing to do is ignore European culture for about 50 years and see if it actually evolves into something that can relate to the human condition.

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