Saturday, April 19, 2008

Flunky finds his Stiffy

State media meets chemical media:

Patrick Binet, director of TF1 International, who is also responsible for distributing broadcast rights group, was taken into custody after the discovery of the body of a dead man at his home in the 11e arrondissement of Paris.

According to Le Point, police reportedly discovered the body of a naked man at the home of Patrick Binet, of rue de la Folie Méricourt in the 11e arrondissement, on Wednesday night.

Patrick Binet was held into custody all day Thursday at the 2nd division Police Station of the judicial police (2e DPJ). As of this writing he’s still incarcerated and his interrogation continues, as is the third man present that night at the home of the patron saint [appointed director] of TF1 International.

According to AFP, the first elements leave think of a "fine party" which would have degenerated, perhaps because of drug use, evidence of which have been discovered during the search of Binet’s home.
Indeed, a drug overdose due to the consumption of GHB, better known as “rape drug” could be the cause of death of the man in his forties.
"I do not know the all the facts of the matter. I have nothing to say at this time," said TF1 director general Nuncio Paolini to


- Shukran to Qbert

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