Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Type of Comments That a Frenchman Deems Racist, Unacceptable, and Beyond the Pale

An American known as 2Brixshy found out the hard way what type of comments, attitudes, and behaviors a Frenchman like the one known as SuperFrenchie deems is racist, unacceptable, and beyond the pale. In a comment banned from the SF blog, 2Brixshy did little more than note the double standards seemingly at play there (okay; so he did use a couple of strong words). What he found "interesting" was that
it's okey dokey for all the frenchies to without fail mock Americans for various shortcomings [or alleged shortcomings], but when one of us bumpkin Yankees turn it around on the french, suddenly it's a very serious thing [and everybody goes ballistic].
As for Frank P. Hart, he found it "hilarious" that SuperFrenchy
(with the support of 55% of his commenting community) equates rank censorship with good blog content. And to think he's got sycophants from his site coming here to call some of us Nazis! When one defines oneself as the bien-pensant, one cannot possibly be wrong, n'est-ce pas? I'm pretty sure the Nazis thought that way of themselves, too...
Pat Patterson noted the double standards at play here:
The part of the comment policy was a trifle confusing in that racist rants are not allowed except they are directed against someone SF or his fans call a racist. And then not allow that person to repond because obviously no racist rants are allowed.

It is his site and one must play be his rules but the rules seem drawn up by a guy that deep in his heart knows someone is going to take his birthday soccer ball from him with no resistance whatsoever.
French "rules" (in a generalized way) being, of course, the whole raison d'être of No Pasarán!

Note: I found (what I believe is) the very last instance of a comment of mine on the SuperFrenchie blog (two comments, actually); their having been published on the SF's comments page at the time (ten months ago), they have remained in draft form on NP all this time, that is, until today; the interested reader (and the unbiased and the detached one) can determine how much (or how little) of the content of the original comment and the follow-up is owed to racism and prejudice and how much (or how little) is owed to thought and research…

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