Saturday, April 19, 2008

Cheap Thrills Gone Awry

As reported earlier a Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters, TF1 International director Patrick Binet is being questioned by police due to a corpse and street drugs appearing in his home. The deceased turned out to be an employee of the Ministry of Culture, a kind of institutionalized Crusade to waste funds on subsidizing public art stunts and conducting the jihad against all other languages.


TF1 has been informed of the situation on Thursday night, and it caused amazement at the network’s headquarters, where we had planned to disclose the story on Saturday. Patrick Binet the brilliant boss of TF1 International, a subsidiary group for acquisition and distribution of audiovisual rights, was placed Thursday morning in custody at the 2nd division of the judicial police.
(emphasis mine) Of the victim:
He was an employee of the Ministry of Culture and held the post of head of the office of the law firm of Christine Albanel.

A third person, who was present at the scene of the tragedy, is also in custody. According to a police source, the two men who were in the apartment of Patrick Binet had been "recruited" via an Internet site.

An overdose drug GHB, a substance also known as the "drug of the rapist," might be the cause of death.
Elsewhere of a former beebster, and tedious British import...:
CNN reporter Richard Quest will avoid jail despite being arrested in Central park on drug charges.

Quest, 46, was arrested early Friday morning with a small amount of methamphetamine.
46, and using crystal meth. What a loser.


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