Wednesday, February 20, 2008

They Could Tell She was Getting into it when She Dropped Her Crisps

They should have been double bagging it anyway.

Six different men won Internet auctions to have sex with the woman in April and May last year. They were only known to her by their online names, a spokesman for a court in the southwestern city of Stuttgart said Wednesday.

"The woman wanted to discover which one of the men had made her pregnant," the spokesman said. "So she needed their contact details. Of course, if they're not willing to go along with the gene test, she'll have to take them to court."
At least it wasn’t a Dutch auction, which goes to the lowest bid that the seller can tolerate.

Actually, this could prove to be an interesting social metric. Rising or falling prices can tell you just how bad these guys need to pay for it, and thus if their overall likability is becoming more or less desiccated in any given year. As for her, well... we can only see if she prices above or below average. Either way, in the lawsuit we see the politics of entitlement colliding into the flower of entitlement politics.

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