Sunday, February 17, 2008

Flaming Twisted Wreckage V5.0

Alluding to the S & M Club of traditional European notions of governance, one legislator from the former east of Germany reveals the pervasiveness of the programming of the age. It’s where lefty comes from.

Politicians from across the political spectrum are demanding that Christel Wegner, a member of the German Communist Party -- but in parliament as an add-on to the Left Party list -- resign her newly won post. The reason? Just a few weeks into her job, she said on television that the dreaded East German secret police -- the Stasi -- was useful to protect the state from "reactionary forces" and that the Berlin Wall was built to keep West Germans out of East Germany.
But at least it was a society that would see to the peoples’ needs:
"I think that when one builds a new societal form," she said in reference to the Stasi, "then one needs such an organ because one has to protect oneself from other forces, reactionary forces, that look for opportunities to weaken a state from the inside." She went on to say that "the construction of the Wall was, in any case, a measure taken to prevent West Germans from continuing to come into East Germany."
Of course these are the same people who try to convince you that AmeriKKa is an agent of state oppression, run by a shadow government and Dick Cheney, who on 9/11 flew all 4 planes himself, and, and, and, eats babies, and is out to take their oil, and, and, and...

If they really want the personal to be the political, is doesn’t boil down to much more that a desire to extending their loony and inhumane opinions on people who aren’t them. What people do in the privacy of their homes certainly isn’t anyone else’s business, unless, that is, they want a state apparatus holding them down and feeding them the delusion that this makes them ‘freer’ than the rest of humanity, and want the rest of us to share in their ‘fun’.

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