Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Their House is a Museum When People Come to See 'Em

They really are a scree-um...:

Over the past decade, the region has pushed away more economic development than the average French region, and the trend is accelerating.

No capital region in the world loses has lost jobs as Paris has. Blinded by its brilliant past, badly governed, fragmented in his selfishness, it’s anemic and failing to register strongly in the global competition of cities in the twenty-first century.
Not to be confused with that lucid “knowing better about things”, here we find a testimony to the idea of a mealy-mouthed formed of socialism which intends to equalize the appreciative masses – trading steady, equitable growth for, say, most of your liberties. Sure seems to be working wonders, eh?
The economic decline of Ile-de-France was expected to be the main topic of municipal elections next March. But "the elected officials in the region were all put in line," according to Lawrence Davezies.

Among the bobos, those privileged citizens of Paris, "they are happy that the mayor attends more to them than the health of the local economy." Read the list of "projects" of the candidates for mayor: kindergartens, cleaner busses and trains, getting exercise, safety… a quick approval process for a museum town.

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