Saturday, January 05, 2008

Just One Little Window in Their New “Kristallnacht”

New York Defender est un nouveau venu dans le monde des jeux Flash à thème sérieux.

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Le jeu lui même est sans envergure, mais il suscite néanmoins un débat intéressant.”
Note the shallowness of “seriousness” with which it’s taken. Just one of their precious little possible « débats » that they’ll imagine they’re enlightening the world with. If Americans really wanted to reciprocate, they would have to advocate the destruction of European cities on Arab satellite TV channels.  That's how far that goes:
Remembered as one of the worst days in American history, countless millions believe Sept. 11, 2001, should never be duplicated, not even in a video game. 

Apparently, a group of French Internet video game makers never got the message, and now families of victims from that horrid day are enraged with the notion that children get to replay the tragedy over and over again.

"It's horrible what happened. People shouldn't see it again and kids should not be playing games like that. It's just not funny," said Lauren Zaifart, a Battery Park resident.
So when lefty asks “why do they hate us?”, they need look no further than the fantasies of Europeans that have been exported to the third world fever-swamps that their own colonization and resource wars created.

Those complaining about this are not overreacting. The game was designed to demonstrate from abroad an argument to Americans about their own actions, not those of the terrorists. The French game designer told the Denver Post in 2002 that there is no way to win the game.
The sole purpose is to illustrate the ultimate impossibility of fighting terrorism – a fight the United States is still waging in Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere throughout the world.
Odd, isn't it that nowhere in that clown's world view is there room for making the same "brave statement" to al Qaida.

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