Thursday, January 03, 2008

Paying Others to Bravely Fly in the Face of Adversity

Weeks and weeks later: unwilling to free up 10 helicopters out of a fleet of 2400 to support the UN/AU cum UN/AU/EU operation in Darfour, grotty Gordo proposed checkbook diplomacy:

Mr Mitchell called for tough sanctions to be imposed on the Sudanese government and said that Britain should offer to pay countries like India or China for the use of vital helicopters in support of the UN-AU force.
Let me see if I understand this: Blackwater bad, paying India good. The Corporatist continent sees contract security as mercenary, but bribing governments to do the same thing as not. It’s almost charming in its’ naïvité:
"The UN and EU should now set clear benchmarks and a clear deadline for the imposition of sanctions, unless the UN-AU force is allowed to deploy in full. The sanctions should include asset freezes and travel bans on key figures in the Government of Sudan and on rebel leaders who impede the deployment of the force."
Which are the very travel bans that Germany opposed, the sanctions that various figures in the EU called inhumane, and the force was one lefties kept chiding the US was required in 2001 in lieu of the one that deposed the Taliban. In other words ANYTHING but what’s needed WHEN it’s needed.

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