Saturday, December 22, 2007

Una Propositum Immunda

If indeed the French and many others fell so offended by the incorporation of “anglo-saxon” (as if there’s such a thing) words into their language, and think it dangerous to learn the “lingua franca” of global exchange, diplomacy, and ideas, then they need to find something that all EUvians can agree on as a middle ground, and offer up something the rest of the world will embrace as a satisfying challenge. Something historically appropriate to the blessed continent of eternal peace… something of their own invention.

I propose Latin. If you want to walk the walk, you gotta talk the talk (as it were).

Imagine the novelty! The entire sickly cartel, nearly-continent in size, run by priests, nuns, and a handful of squirrelly, verbally combative, and indecisive middle age scholars in corduroy and other peculiar garments. In fact it will be just like the old days when there were plagues and mercenaries.

What a world-beating notion - especially when Putin stares them down to shake the change out of their pockets.

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