Sunday, December 16, 2007

Peace is “No-one Taking You Seriously”

This couple answers the questions lefties ask about the Jihad: “why do they hate us”

The couple, known just as 'Johan' and 'Jenny', say they registered their marriage in a ceremony in the 'BjornSocialist Republic'. This, they say, is an independent Marxist state, located "on a stone that looks like a tractor", in front of the Bos Islands in Lake Immeln in Skåne, southern Sweden.

The republic, they say, is the smallest in the world, with a land area of 6-8 square metres, a national anthem, a president and ministers, including a minister for 'Enlightenment and Insight.'

The couple applied in August for the Swedish tax authority to recognize the marriage. The application was turned down on the grounds that the republic was not recognized by Swedish law.
The question should really by, why shouldn’t we hate them. They were refused on a point of law, not that they lied to the court by trying to declare a fictitious nation. Who knows – maybe it’s a joke about Marxism, but given that Marxist love taxes but want to evade them anyway, I’d think that they show that same incapacity for irony that bedevils the average revolutionary who has a summer home.

They live in a culture that doesn’t seem to know what to make of people who either a) want to be liberated, or b) kill people who want to be liberated.

Assyrian Professor Stabbed in Sweden
Assyrian professor Fuat Deniz, of the University of Örebro, was stabbed in the back of the neck at 3.30 AM on Tuesday and has been declared brain-dead. Swedish police have collected a description of the suspect, who remains at large, from witnesses and have a picture of him from a surveillance camera from a local store.
I gess it comes wioth all of that public-order inducing peaciness and social engineering and stuff in places that actually have “environmental courts”.
The 45-metre (148-foot) elk, or moose in north America, is the brainchild of Thorbjörn Holmlund, who recently received permission from Arvidsjaur and Skellefteå councils to begin construction of the wooden animal.

[ ... ]

The area would be better served by investment in eco-tourism, they argue, rather than the construction of roads leading to an enormous elk on the top of a mountain.
As we all know, eco-tourists don’t travel, stay in hotels, use camp sites, eat, or defecate.

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