Friday, December 21, 2007

No Duh

There’s an insult German drivers have that either involves tapping your finger on your forehead (to tell someone that they’re an airhead,) or waving your hand in front of your eyes to tell someone that they’re like a horse with blinders on (and is an idiot).

The lefty poodles at deserve both. They’ve run a piece on how the East Germans were extorting cash out of the West Germans to give citizens their freedom, and that the money wasn’t trickling down to comrade ditchdigger.

Even in the DDR this was common knowledge in the early 80’s. Thankfully has permitted this bit of enlightenment to finally see some air 18 years after the wall came down, and only about 35 years after the commies’ racket started, including getting the hard-working taxpayers of the BRD to pay for the construction of the Autobahns that went to West Berlin, and comprised more than half of the DDR’s expressways. What might be more telling was how they built them: with cobblestone on and off ramps, just as it was under Hitler’s specs, but depending even more heavily on manual labor.

The question really is when will the Rue89 dopes charge past the Grenztruppen of their minds and finally see the sign Sie verlassen jetzt den DDR”?

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