Thursday, September 20, 2007

Lefty’s Usual Cannibalism

One poor loser to another: Ségolène Royal said that if she was Joan of Arc, then she was burned at the stake. Rue 89 aims it at Lionel Jospin who called her the candidate least likely to succeed which isn’t quite true. She came ahead of the band of Marxist Bozos, Neo-fascists, a hunter’s party, the neo-druid José Bové, and Bay-roo who appears not to believe in anything.

To boot, on Monday Royal called Jospin a racist and a sexist. Watch out for that magic wand, Casper.

It’s all there – it’s more or less the minor features found in the shadows of the U.S. presidential election of 1984: baiting with religious imagery, white people accusing each other of racism and sexism... twenty 3 years later. Now if their minds would only catch up with the idea that Communism failed 20 years ago, they might get somewhere. For now we can enjoy the cage match.

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