Friday, September 21, 2007

Bush sends a message that the enemy cannot do to us now what the NVA, the VC, the left, and Walter Cronkite did to us in Vietnam

Christopher Cook trumpets the fact that
We're never leaving Iraq.

He is serious. And he notes that that part of Dubya's speech was not picked up by the MSM — although the president said that very thing, in so many words. And Cook agrees with him (look especially at his fifth point):
I think the freest, best, most powerful, most prosperous, most pluralistic country---the country that has done more to liberate oppressed humanity than any other entity in human history---needs and DESERVES to have bases all over the world.
Update: Investor's Business Daily agrees: in Korea, "We did not cut and run."

So which model will it be? Korea or Vietnam? Commitment or abandonment? Bush has made his choice and, we think, the right one.

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