Friday, September 21, 2007

How France3 “Celebrated” 9/11

A correspondent writes:

This is at least the third airing of this documentary. Based on a book, one airing I remember in particular was around the D-Day anniversary of 2005, when the MSM emphasized the brotherhood of French and German veterans, how the allied bombed French cities,... this was after the commemoration of the Provence landing, when no mention was made of the “Anglo-saxons”, only of the North Africans who Liberated France.

The TV guide notes:
”The Hidden Face of the Liberators” - (rerun) A documentary by Patrick Cabouat. According to ciminologist Robert J. Lilly, liberators who were meant to liberate Europe from Nazism raped or killed French, British, and German citizens in 1944 and 45. The recent opening of legal archives permitted us to see something that would otherwise remain a secret.

Our view: this documentary is a poignant testimony of the acts of atrocities of soldier welcomed as liberators.

- with thanks to Kevin

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