Sunday, August 19, 2007

All-Loving, All-Caring EUtopia

Which is superior in every way to America was deeply concerned about this man’s dignity:

A paedophile repeat offender, Francis Evrard, was sentanced Friday for the kidnap and rape of Enis in Roubaix (North). He had Viagra when he was arrested and says that it was prescribed to him before he was last released from prison, one confirmed source said on Saturday.

The 61 year old paedophile was arrested Wednesday evening in Roubaix with Viagra in his possession, according to one source close to the case.

Police officers indicated after his arrest that an investigation is underway to determine if this drug to treat male impotence was prescribed to him by a doctor in the Caen prison system where he was held.
Aren't you glad the Doctor went out of his way to enable him to get some of his physical manhood back in advance of his moral manhood?

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