Thursday, June 21, 2007

So, Do You Think He’s Got A ‘Type?’

I doubt a Ségo blow up doll would have done the trick, but Flanby seems to have found frightening analog to his former political opponent and common law co-parent to their hatchlings.

While hints of Hollande as a Joey Butafuco type wearing a wifebeater are sure to not be far off, this thing is far from one sided.
She was the socialist in stilettos, the woman who injected femininity, glamour and sex appeal into the French elections.

And as she embarked on her ill-fated bid to become France's first woman president this spring, Segolene Royal, an alluring mother-of four, appeared as a wonderful breath of fresh air who dared to challenge the macho forces of French politics.
Let’s set aside the fact that anyone finding a mother of 4 alluring needs to have their head examined. The idea that the press tried to sell it this way without the objection of a campaign certainly says that as far as the subject goes – that all bets are off in the abuse department. Keep in mind that this public display of flaming, twisted wreckage will certainly be spun in the direction of man-as-abuser, in spite of Hollande never being able to fit that bill, and in spite of the fact that Royal was supposed to be squared away, consensus oriented, and in possession of leadership skills.

At one point prior to the Presidential election, word had it that a certain candidate was playing naughty little Sprout to the Jolly Green Giant. Hinting that a eco-vangelist was doing a Presidential candidate was subtly floated as a sign of someone with a ‘nuanced’ social bearing doing what she could to ‘take care of the earth.’ I won’t touch the fact that the man is a Veteranarian.

Phooey! Sputum!, I say. The politics aren’t affecting this adolescent love-drome here, the personal circumstances are being used in the politics. Otherwise this would resemble a collapsing relationship between actual adult mammals and be mostly private and at least somewhat painful. That is, if they’re parents and are actually capable of normal emotions in some way. Clearly they aren’t.

At least they’re too old to breed.

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