Monday, June 18, 2007

“Decrypting”: a Smug Way to Make Spinning Feel Smart

« He left the house, but they both kept the chamber »
[Ed.: She dumped the cheat, and they gained fewer seats than the petulant pollsters and press hoped for]

Bound up, but unrelated. A message distraction from those who pretend to own the truth. An odd cartoon from Plantu’s cartoonish view of humanity tries to make an interference attempt, and is linked to a story titled: « Deciphering: a message sent to Nicolas Sarkozy ».

It’s revealing. Decades after the personal became the political, the political is now entirely personal. Let’s dope it out: Plantu makes Hollande look like an embarrassed, lost commuter on the “blue” side, and Ségo only slightly pensive, but still smiling and heroic, managing to float in mid-air. At least this time she isn’t drawn walking on water with even Jesus wondering who this un-naturally toothy, grinning Godzilla really is.

Meanwhile, France seems to have managed to dodge a bullet. The Clintonesque nature of this pair might appeal as a subject of the dim-witted, omnipresent talk shows, but it doesn’t mean that people really want or can stand this kind of thing from the leaders of a nation that keeps telling itself what a mature society it is.
Royal said the reason for the parting was the infidelity of her partner , Socialist leader François Hollande.

Further details will be revealed in Royal's autobiography, which is to be published this week.
I guess she needed a stunt held at the point of maximum attention to sell her upcoming book – or otherwise fall permanently off of the public radar, or into ridicule, or into a pattern of ridiculous, party-wide attention-seeking behaviour.
But with Royal asserting her ambition to challenge for the party hot-seat, the two are likely to clash then, or even earlier if the Socialists decide to call an early congress.
Can you imagine this party leading a nation that has nukes?

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