Sunday, June 17, 2007

Gonna Wash That Man Right Out of my Hair...

Sarko wins, the NYT spins, and Ségolène Royal “divorcesFlanby to the extent that one can under common law - she ditches the bum:

We’re on good terms. We talk. There’s mutual respect.
Call in an airstrike.

What a brilliant thing to do on election day.

Meanwhile back at stately “Pinch” manor:
Those projected results marked the first political stumble for the hard-driving and U.S.-friendly Sarkozy since his emphatic election win last month. But both votes still handed him a mandate to revive French spirits and economic prospects by loosening up labor laws and cutting income and inheritance taxes among other ambitious reforms.

The projected results showed a stunning rally for the fractured and flailing Socialists.
Call in an airstrike.

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