Tuesday, January 30, 2007

“your citizens in your country have become a threat for the rest of the world”

...and in part it’s Ken Livingstone’s doing. By “celebrating diversity”, something that exists whether you celibrate it or not, he has grown the weeds of a culture war from the seeds of archaic class struggle claptrap. It’s worth mentioning at this point that the UK is exceedingly less “diverse” (culturally and genetically speaking) than the United States where the social tensions aren’t nearly as high. It’s as though the cleaving action of “celebrating multiculturalism” is inversely proportional to harmony. Call is “solidarity” if you wish, to used Ken’s old vocabulary.

Adloyada reports on Red Ken’s absurd conference in London, and the unexpected applause received by Daniel Pipes. Referring to Livingstone’s motives, panelist Douglas Murray said:

Now he could have today invited as his co-debater, a moderate. He could have invited someone from the moderate, secularist muslim association in France. Muslim women, Neither Whore nor Submissives, a wonderful organization. He could have done that. Or someone like Ayaan Hirsi Ali or Wafa Sultan. But instead he invited Ms Yacoob. Ms Yacoob, a spokesman for the Birmingham Central Mosque and for the head of that mosque Mohammad Naseem who believes that 7/7 wasn’t carried out by muslims and so on. We could say that, we could mention the fact that her political career as such started when she acted as the defender of the Yemeni Seven, the group of terrorists including Abu Hamza’s sons who were out there with the brother also involved in the campaign, and I would also point out on this one that she is also a member of Respect Party, a party so far beyond the pale of traditional political discourse. And neither does she or her party stand on the side of the moderates. Her party has called for the success of the insurgency in Iraq, the murder of the people of Iraq that we should be supporting . She and her party, her line on this, her party’s line on this is that the insurgency should survive.

The money quote goes to Douglas Murray: How's multi-culturalism going in Saudi Arabia?
More telling clips over at Adloyada.
The Fuse is Lit (No Pasaran!)

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