Sunday, January 28, 2007

Pancho’s Dreams of Dystopia

Why not just come out and say it? “Bu$hChimpMcHitlerburton personally flew BOTH planes into the World Trade Center towers!!!”

"Whatever the reality is, invert it" goes the battle order of those so Anti-American that they've become anti-reality, as they hang their hats on an imaginary evil, a Heironymous Bosch trypic that they paint on stroke at a time. A remarkable feat for someone wearing a blindfold.

Jihadists attack landmarks with aircraft, and the implication must be inverted, and the relationships perverted. The leftist press attacks anyone doing anything about it, and the mere discussion of it is called "burning up the constitution."

A non-American feels perfectly free to project his unreconstructed narcissism on the matter, and convinces an ill-informed, ignorant audience in Europe (where free speech is acutely more limited) of all the same.

Meanwhile, the EU is engaging in regime change, annexation, Imperialism, colonialism, as they have for centuries, and nary a peep is made about it. They will never leave the former Yugoslavia, and no-one would dare call that a failure and a quagmire – not now, not a decade ago, and not a decade from now.

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