Saturday, November 18, 2006

Devolution and Control

If capitalism and democracy espouse one another, driving in the reverse on the right to do what you will with ones’ property and earnings itself can erase freedoms. Hugo Chavez is beginning to impose a military style “scrip” economy on civil society, making currency into a kind of neighborhood food-stamp that expire, and useless outside of your own ghetto. What this accomplishes is to make financial self-improvement impossible through savings anything. Your future is dependant entirely on the state, and all outcome is the same, even if the effort people put in is not. What it certainly does is create an entire society which is dependant on the specific constructs and ideology of an absolutist Marxist inspired regime.

Its’ only purpose is to control people by controlling anything that they can accomplish independent of the state. It is as bad as China’s cultural revolution, in that it guarantees that individual potential is limited, individual ingenuity is made irrelevant, and that all people are eventually made equally poor, their lives are all made equally harsh for no reason whatsoever.

The lack of development in the USSR and Eastern Europe under the decades of communism compared to that of Western Europe and North America are proof that it also guarantees to eventually make the poor worse off, distract people about the causes, and have no real way to exit the hardships of poverty.

Fausta has MUCH more on this, from Daniel in Venezuela.

It has to be assumed that Chavez knows full well what he’s doing to Venezuelans. If they want to become a militaristic antagonist with the United States in its’ sights, it’s hard to say that this doesn’t make Chavez’ reduce Venezuela into an irrelevant byproduct of an evil ideology, but it does what the American idea detests more than anything else – it willfully limits human freedom, constructs poverty and hardship, and reduces people to a dictator’s cattle.

There’s no need for anyone feeling threatened by Chavez to send them back to the dark ages, el Jefe will carry millions of people there on his own. Is George Soros paying attention? Your tacit support for this man looks like you’d like to see the only self-made men in the future to be another “charismatic” dictator covered in fake medals.

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