Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Partners and Flunkies

Thank a leftist:

The pedants at the Independant laud Blair’s new ‘partnerships’ with Syria and Iran. The Telegraph notes that Iran might be grooming a successor flunky to pick up where bin Laden (who is probably near death) has dropped off. This time though, he really does become Iran’s bitch.

With a network of suicidal zombies around the world, one can only hope that the splody-dopes don’t become Iran’s long range nuclear delivery system, or that they need to prop up asnd renew a potentially useful tool which is ailing.

As for the Indy, their headline really SHOULD read "Our OLD friends in the Middle East."
President Bashar al-Assad, flush with success of Syria's proxy militia in Lebanon, holds the key to success in Iraq and Middle East peace. Courted by Bush and Blair, whom he upbraided at their last meeting. Syria harbours a leader of the radical Palestinian Hamas movement, and is a supplier of Hizbollah. Assad will play hardball on the UN's case against Syrian officials accused of assassinating former Lebanese prime minister Rafik Hariri.
Aside from the glee that they seem to have at the death of Hariri, the war they engineered using Hizballah, and the rest of it, you can almost picture their nipples exploding with delight as they wrote that. Bashar Assad is willing to fight to the last Lebanese civilian, and judging by the temprement of Mr. Fisk's cohorts, so is the Indy.

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