Saturday, September 23, 2006

"Fascism is always descending on the United States, but somehow it keeps landing in Europe" -- Tom Wolfe

At Le Monde Al-Jazeera on the Seine, trying to increase circulation among the imaginary Bac + 5 set in France's suburbs, celebrates the imaginary triumph of the very real Islamo-Fascist Nasrallah with a huge bragging headline. Over at Libération PropagandaStaffel, before going bankrupt, they go ballistic. "The United States is legalizing torture" reads today's headline.

Get ready for yet one more marathon of preaching and lesson giving about losing one's soul or some such snooty European drivel.

Examples abound of Europeans using the same strongarm tactics (or even stronger) as the United States of America in a post-Geneva Convention world. The French regularly used such techniques in Algeria and one French practitioner from that time, far from being disgraced and driven from respectable society, made it to the second round of the last French Presidential election. He might very well perform just as good next May.

As recently as the mid-90s, during the wave of terrorist bombings that rocked Paris, the French undertook coercive interrogation tactics to prevent further attacks and protect their citizens. Certain European countries (some with long-down-their-nose-at-you Socialist Governments in place, such as Sweden at the time) have reportedly actively participated in helping the United States with extraordinary rendition efforts. In fact, in seems that the French recently gave a helping hand but the whole incident was shoved down the memory hole by the politically correct goose-stepping French preSS.

Europeans are not upset about the actual implementation of such a policy. They have proven by their actions that they understand the necessity to do as much. What gets them upset is that the United States of America doesn't practice the same lying hypocrisy that is now central to European lifestyle and worldview. Western Europeans (expecially the soft underbelly and festering sore that is France-Belgium) kowtow to the relics and vestiges of a bygone era stretching from their own long dimmed Enlightenment to the signature of the Geneva Convention, a piece of paper which was drafted largely as a result of Europe's advanced experimentation with fascism. Europeans call on the United States of America to pay lip service to an outdated and dead Geneva Convention just as they call for the United States of America to ratify an outdated and dead Kyoto Treaty which they gleefully ignore by overshooting all agreed-to limits on emissions, or to support a United Nations which has more to do with worldwide graft, corruption, and pedophilia than world peace.

Ignore weak kneed European bleating. Ignore hypocritical French whining.

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