Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Hail to the Dweebs

Softening the ground minds in preparation for forcing a new paradigm on people, or rather shoving it down their throats, American TV attempted to make President Hillary Rodham a foregone conclusion by staging a drama series about a democrat female president, something they wouldn't have dreamt to do with, say, Elizabeth Dole. France2 copies the notion obviously hoping that men will see Mme la Presidente as a fine young thang whose hobby is playing the meat whistle, and who digs a dumpy, bushy-haired, jederman who appears to have bounced off the turnip truck. Hey, why not make her a single mother with a ex who won't go away for good measure to sign on in the 35-50 female couch-potato demographic with a "pity laced with empowerment" narrative too? I mean, you like NEVER see that, do ya?!?

Fresh faces in office? Yeah, right!

In a country where most people have seen the same politicians kicking around for most of their adult lifetimes, what kind of sell is THAT going to have?!? The only thing that makes 2007 unique is that the likely contenders have been well known national figures for only a decade or two.

”State of Grace” as if government actually dispensed grace anyway.

Pathetic as that is, on another front we find a new movie about a candidate of some description is on the way too. One would guess that it’s a knockoff of the Bob Roberts scam showing the same, or even less originality. Since the colors are not Green or Red, it’s not hard to guess the likely successor who they’re gunning for by identifying the antagonist with political and presidential blue, and allude to a rocky marriage.

There’s even a fake and frighteningly typical sounding political blog on the bill: banality and hope, support for non-"progressive" thoughts, and trying to display a negative air of ugly "presidential reality" bound up with the right, but never with the left.

Will this kind of ridicule influence an election? Michael Moore couldn't manage it by being hamfisted, so perhaps the backup plan for the methodology is to attempt it with concealed, implied humiliation and someting they try to call humor. There's even a civil crisis involving violent subrubanites providing a platform to appear strong and a vague thing called "September 20th" that he's shown to be exploiting fear of. (It also happens to be a date where they release another video "teaser".) One wonders who COULD this be possibly be a parody of.

As facile and condescending as that is, the only question remaining is: to what pack of wolves are they throwing all this hatred and red meat?

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