Saturday, July 29, 2006

What, no cognitive dissonance yet?

A look at the map, even the ones carried by Le Monde on their web site can’t get their writers to dispose of their illusions that calling and hoping for a fake peace will ease the worried moon-children of the European commune.

UNIFIL’s area of responsibility corresponds exactly to the area of operation Hizballah has control over.

In rehab, they call that enablement. Even if the UN ever did grow enough of a spine to say something the “peace camp” would wish that they nary mention it at all for fear of their precious vision.

Nonetheless, things on the ground seem quite different. There are Lebanese who have no illusion of who’s really oppressing them:

The mixed village population on the Israeli units path of advance, Druzes, Shiites, Sunnis and Christians, provides a useful shield for Hizballah fighters. They take full advantage of the directives to Israeli ground forces not to touch Druze and Christian villages. By long Lebanese tradition, the Druzes shut their village doors to Shiites, while the Christians accommodate them because they don’t know how long Israeli forces will be around to protect them against the Hizballah.
Similarly the usual ire the children of the corn have for the Lebanese Christians will be confused by what they see as alliances, and the locals see as a moral issue and one of protection against a jihadist organization intent on killing them based on their religion.
The IDF found that certain local elements, which once cooperated with Israel forces during their 24-year occupation of South Lebanon until the May 2000 withdrawal, were still willing to be helpful. Their assistance shortened the Bint Jubeil operation and made its completion possible barring scattered gunfire early Tuesday, July 25.
What I’ve even heard western adult leftist say openly on several occasions is that the fact that there are still Arab Christian alive is hindering “the peace”. After I point out the obvious inhumanity of the though, and the fact that it’s none of their business, and rather sick to want other to die so that they can maintain their narrow and simplistic view of the region, I tell them to go fuck themselves. On one occasion I casually handed a fork to the listener in the bar a fork. As a convenience, of course.

The fuse is lit!

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