Thursday, July 27, 2006

“Whiskers” Galloway defending states that support terror

In a Quaker meeting house, no less.

I wonder if he knows that their precepts (those few that they do have at all) include pacifism, or was he just looking for a crowd to listen to him? Funny how the usual suspects are trying to find another constituency of the outside of their bubble doing their usual thing my marching far, far away to “defend” somebody.

I ask again – what made them fall so deeply in love with theocracies? It will only end when the far left learn to love their children more than they hate their fellow citizens.

More red meat for useful idiots here. Again – linking coincidences anywhere they can, and exploiting anyone’s misery they can to reinforce their own tenuous claims about their own society. Linking the Lebanese to the Palestinians in a way no sane Lebanese person would want to – but it doesn’t matter to the western left. Like Hizballah, they’re willing to fight to the last Lebanese civilian (because they aren’t).

The fuse is lit!

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