Sunday, July 23, 2006

Impartial - to the well-being of man.

The emptiness of the soul and mind of the selectively "pacifist" European left is astonishing.

While the BBC offers up free advertising and time and place to meet details on an anti-Israeli march, a gathering in solidarity specifically with civilians in northern Israel is buried and turned into fluff not just on the air but as far as their soundly ignored teletext service.

In the meantime, the WaPo Outlook section is doing by omission what the BBC's (Dont) Have Your Say filter through by commission: an articulate-sounding Lebanese caller who simply refused to address the chronological matter of who started the present war between the IDF and Hizballah, and caller after caller unable to make a distinction between Hizballah the militia and Hizballah the political entity, much as they were unwilling to dope out the same with Hamas.
They both made their own fig-leaf for the dimwitted to defend them with.

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