Monday, July 03, 2006

So That's How You Bring ABout World Peace

Reporting from Berlin is Benjamin Duffy:
These bears are somehow supposed to bring about world peace. Don't ask me how, I think a liberal thought it up. Each bear is supposed to represent one of the 192 nations of the UN. Each bear was given to an artist in each of the countries, and the artist could paint it however he/she wanted to. Now they are on tour all over the world you know — "healing the world" and "making it a better place"

Interesting site they chose for the international peace bear display. The building behind it belongs to the world famous Humboldt University. The open area where the bears are standing was also the site of a massive Nazi book-burning back in 1933. At the time, this building was a library, and the Nazis hauled out 20,000 books into the public area in front. They burnt books written by authors who were Jewish, Leftist, pacifistic, or sometimes just not German.

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