Friday, July 07, 2006

Channeling the dead for affirmation

What would Mother Gaia Ché do?

Che Guevara's last night alive relived on NY stage

Well, no not really his last night – what lefties desperate to have their world view go unchallenged and undebated wish it was like:

After writing "The Motorcycle Diaries" screenplay, Jose Rivera felt he had more to say about Ernesto "Che" Guevara, so he wrote a play he says shows the Latin American revolutionary would have had plenty to say about the war in Iraq.
Certainly he would have plenty to say. He was himself a mass murderer that aspired to grow to the scale of Saddam Hussein, and he would probably have defended to death Saddam’s capacity to murder innocents In Iraq and abroad who were inconvenient to him.
Che was always asking those questions and criticizing U.S. imperialistic impulses all over the world," he said.
Because he wanted to do the same, only with mock ‘popular will’ which wished to use mobocracy instead of democracy, and to use it to enslave people and make them all equally controllable instead of allowing them to realize their desires for their own lives in their own way.

Now imagine defending to no end a limited set of views spinning around events by a murderer from 40 years ago. Imagine that remodeling the immoral nature of them into something else is ones’ life work. Think for a moment how weak an intellect one has to have to continue that charade, and try to see the entire world through the prism or what ultimately was little more than a KGB funded operation to get other people to unwittingly do their killing for them.

Now imagine that this is the core belief of your weltanschauung, and this is what you get:
"My daughter wore a Che T-shirt to school and she was criticized by one of the teachers saying 'He's a terrorist,' and 'Why would you glorify a terrorist?'," Rivera said, adding that he does not expect to take the new play to Miami.
That’s because he WAS a terrorist, and he was proud of it. He saw it as ‘cleansing’ and necessary to build a new world order that’s alien to human nature and virtually every form of human morality.

They wanted to break it to break people, to modify and control them. Others think that they still can, trying to convince people that an ideology that imprisons free thinkers and contrarians will “give them a voice” that no one is denying them in democracy to begin with. The voice they want is in fact the reverse – the silencing of others’ voices, just as Ché with his capricious murders, Saddam with his poison gas attacks, and even down to Obrador trying to take by intimidation what he couldn’t win in the ballot box by calling mobs out into the streets.

Kudos though to Rivera’s kid’s teacher that didn’t tow the party line of the ‘hand that rocks the cradle’ collectivist vision that had to virtually give up on pushing it on intellectually developed adults who know better.

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