Sunday, July 02, 2006

The Grauniad’s Kryptonite

Alas, we find a movie review, densely packed with tortured, anti-American metaphors and typically fopish throw away phrases:

'Probably the most heterosexual movie I've ever made. Really'
The irony of his being an illegal "alien" is not lost on anyone,

If America's wars at home and abroad have imbued Superman Returns with something of a home court advantage,
Flawed assumptions forgetting the malaise of (Saint) Jimmy Carter, and working the entirely unrelated into a movie review:
Never has American public morale been so low. More than 2,500 US soldiers have died in Iraq, and support for the war is waning as fast as that for the least popular president in decades.

With the immigration debate front and centre of the country's war at home,...

There was similar speculation surrounding the X-Men films: the term "mutant", it was often posited, was a metaphor for "gay".
One wonders of the anonymous has ever been to the U.S., or is relying rather on the heap of daily euro-lefty slags that have grown into unverified, unquestioned forgone conclusions about the United States I beleve morale was significantly lower when Americans had stagflation, leftist ninnies talking the nations spirits down until Reagan built them back up. amd as I recall feelings weren't exactly bright on the afternoon of 11 September 2001.

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