Saturday, June 17, 2006

The times, they are a changing

15 June 2006 -

As an overall picture, time has been an element in affecting negatively the forces of the occupying countries, due to the losses they sustain economically in human lives, which are increasing with time. However, here in Iraq, time is now beginning to be of service to the American forces and harmful to the resistance
- From a document found in Abu Musa al Zarkawi’s cache after his defeat. It was release by the Iraqi government.

25 December 2004 -
On Christmas Day former Senator and former presidential candidate George McGovern wrote a letter to the editor of the Los Angeles Times (and probably many other papers) calling for an American surrender in Iraq.
- David Horowitz on former U.S. Senator George McGovern’s call for the U.S. to “surrender” in Iraq.

Again, I ask, surrender to whom?

McGovern carelessly called for an American retreat from Iraq before a government could even be established. It was such a bad assertion, that even then that the left had to turn on its’ famous noise machine to get some credibility back, and still keep up its’ ‘fight’.

Also doing the service of emboldening the argument of the U.S.’ opponents in the war on terror, one year before Zarkawi’s admission Jude Wanniski writing his monthly article in al Jazeera, tried to whitewash McGovern’s taciturn demand that the United States should make a show of weakness and insincerity:
Former Senator George McGovern, who ran unsuccessfully for president in 1972 as the Democratic nominee in opposition to the Vietnam war, last week proposed a solution tied to the president's position that the US would only stay as long as it took to train Iraqis to maintain order by themselves.

[ ... ]

[the critics of the Bush Administration] argue that a fixed timetable for a complete withdrawal would change the behavior of the insurgents and lead to a more favorable outcome.
Sure pal, sure.the fuse is lit!

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