Monday, June 12, 2006

Meanwhile, the "war on terror" raged on outside our conference hall.

I’m quite certain that the Grauniad maintains blogs for the amusement of the people who wouldn’t take them seriously anyway. Get a load of this:

Meanwhile, the "war on terror" raged on outside our conference hall. A British solider dies in Afghanistan protecting a regime "accused of orchestrating massacres, torture, mass rape and other war crimes". A triple suicide by Muslims who have been detained for four years at Guantanamo Bay outside any legal process whatsoever leads to accusations by the US head of "public diplomacy" that the dead were cunningly conducting "asymmetric warfare"
So sputtered the lucid and all-knowing oracle, Andrew Murray a former employee of the Soviet Novosti reactionary messaging agency and leading light in the British Communist party who can always be depended on to have a clear, evenhanded opinion when it comes to the United States.

The conference where the “war” on “terror” was "continuing" to rage on outside of is in “Britain.”

Apart from teaching geography, he can reliably keep cranking away at the house organ and encouraging lighthearted freedom and openness as we see from his “softly, softly” management style:
Despite the best efforts of chair Andrew Murray to impose a drab Stalinist uniformity over the proceedings, the cracks and divisions were all too evident..
The shame is that even Jihadists have always found Communism repellent, but will take any sucker they can find.

The fuse is lit!

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