Friday, May 26, 2006

They just aren’t any good at it

Lefties try hoaxes and stunts in politics all the time, but much like the ginning up a fake United States Army Ranger or a mock US pro-Bush campaign group, they just don’t know how. It’s always betrayed in the vocabulary if not the terminology itself, as found with a fake political rap act ginned up by some lefties in France:

« En 1998, le groupe propose un morceau pour l'hymne de la coupe monde de football : "Marre des racailles et des nègres" qui sera finalement refusé par la FIFA. Le groupe se retire alors en corrèze pour composer le maxi : "Croix de lorraine" qui sortira en 2000 sur le label "Catholic records", un maxi totalement dédié au général de Gaulle et à l'église catholique, comme en témoignent les morceaux "Coq gaullois" ou "Un Christ court dans la nuit". »

In 1998, the group proposed a theme song for the World Cup: “Enough of the rabble and negros” which FIFA finally refused. The group then replied with something to raise the stakes in 2000 with “The Cross of Lorraine” which will be published by “Catholic Records”, and completely dedicated to General de Gaulle and to the Catholic church, with the tracks “Rooster of Gaulle” and “Christ runs the night”.
Not knowing much about civil society outside of their bubble, they mix up concepts to tar one with the sin of the other – mixing faith (positive to all but them) with racism (negative to all), patriotism (positive to some of them) with religion (positive to some of them.) That sort of satire gives away their position, because it shows what they wish Conservatives would actually be like. They're hoping for a geek-meme or something like it will send people their way.

The only problem is that in their lack of sophistication and lack of capacity for empathy they direct this attention at nothing.

Remember – you aren’t cool enough, so drink the kool-aid and be a leftist...

When you look at “The People’s Cube,” for example, there is satire which actually tells you what they disagree with. The images above and below by “The Yes men” from what is meant to be funny, and a "guide" to dealing with Conservatives which says nothing intelligible other than that there is something relevant in having a distaste for grooming and shows a desire to promote effected speech that suburbanite kids think is genuinely “urban” - among do-gooders without any life experience, this is code for non-white people.

Meaningful politics, indeed. Especially for a politcal movement that draws Stepin Fetchit caricatures of Condoleeza Rice.

In reality it’s condescending to any urban dweller such as this blogger and most of humanity. It says nothing which is politically substantial, and depends on the fact that you just know what the associations are. The reason for the tacit communications is because it’s all unmentionable and extremely vulgar. It's largely made up of slander or is as mendacious as bellowing out “Bush planned the 9/11 attacks” or “it’s the OIL MEN who make gas cost more.”

It is spaghetti thrown at the wall in the hope that some will stick. It's an effort to train frustrated young minds that their presumed political opposites are something of another species.

They are quite literally Aping, just as a racist would disengage the real person from the imaginary demon they want you to see. It’s a way of making social and economic concepts just not matter. It's a discussion killer that replaces reason with emotion which is far easier to manipulate in people with little life experience using non-politics to do your politics for you.

And it sucks.

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