Saturday, April 22, 2006

What better day to remember Lenin?

Today is Earth Day – the day to celebrate conservation which has been hijacked to become the new ginned-up religion of environmentalism, to replace the old ginned-up religion of Socialism-Marxism-Leninism-Stalinism-Maoism- and now it’s rebranded evil spawn “redistributionism”.

Don’t believe the hype. Real scientists look at human activity to be inconsequential compared to the force of nature when it comes to the latest straw-men and bugaboos concocted by leftism. One needs to bear in mind that virtually no farmers, or rural dwellers buy any of that crap, in spite of a hard fought campaign to feed human paranoiac for remote matters by the likes of the unctuous opportunist Al Gore, and the elitists trying to cash in on the craze.

With little subtlety, several months ago the BBC systematically started using the term ‘pastoralist’ when referring to subsistence farmer. In other words, putting a happy face and concealing the misery of a failed social model which keeps huge numbers of people in the world merely treading water.

In reality it means ranching, only doing it badly and on a scale so small that the division of labor is erased. I hope you can figure out how to perform heart surgery on yourself in their brave new world. What starts with the cautionary principle ends with making rare the expertise and specialization that raises the quality of life for all of us.

Auntie is alluding to Pastoralism is someone who admires the landscape from a safe distance where you can barely smell the manure, and a mountain lions or bacteria can’t get to you. It’s the essence of the popularity of the whole thing – the guilt of the successful for doing anything, anything that elitist feel personally bad about, and the promotion of the nobility of mere subsistence.

Consider for a moment the term subsistence. That means that there is no surplus to have a real exchange economy that can produce sustainable benefitial functions that arise from being able to expend some 'profit beyond sustinence' like medical service, life research, education, science, the arts. Their vision resembles a time when human life was worth very little:
Superstition and ignorance reigned during the Middle Ages, a time when characters we now consider to be simply from fairy tales; pixies, trolls, hobgoblins and so on, were thought to truly exist. Health was controlled by the stars, and affliction was a sign of impurity of the soul-a curse from God.
Basically what far-left environmentalists want for all of us were the same things that made life nasty, brutish, and short in human history’s past. A society with any prospects for the future would be wise to simply ignore them.

Their intellectual kin have tired the same in the past and largely failed.
Only a man who never knew that ‘pastoral’ pre-mechanized farming was hard work could say this. Karl Marx cited in a University student attempted proof:
Under capitalism, Marx argues, work no longer fulfills its vital role in the lives of the people. The division of labor under capitalism "attacks the individual at the very roots of his life". It converts the worker into "a crippled monstrosity" by developing his manual dexterity in a narrow detail "at the expense of a world of productive capabilities and instincts”.
The irony is that the student doesn’t seem to know that the author of the text citing Marx thinks that Marx is an idiot who caused immeasurable harm to the poor.

Pastoralism. Pure pastoralism. Pretending to be the ‘just plain folks’ that they never were.

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