Thursday, April 20, 2006

All the derogation that’s fit to print

The Pulitzer's are the subject of the latest portfolio in Al-Jazeera sur Seine. Sbject: USA. Therefore they make an effort to show you the most self-serving bits, and ignoring anything they can to find the most damaging image of the US possible. At least among the “evils” of America that they do so much to promote.

To bring the point home, the item is lead in by a larger than usual image of the transfer of a soldier’s remains. The usual pront page image is about one half to 2/3 of its’ height. It’s placed just below a bit of EUtopian self flattery, an article highlighting European-style diplomacy with regards to Iran. It has yet to succeed, and the only result its’ provided is to elicit placative hot-air from the Iranian. But never mind that, the public can believe this will work, get to feel good about it, and if it fails, blame the buddies and commanders of the deceased shown below. Tidy, non?
"Toutes les options sont sur la table", a déclaré M. Bush, interrogé sur la possibilité d'un recours à la force contre l'Iran. "Nous voulons résoudre ce problème par la diplomatie et nous travaillons dur pour cela", a-t-il toutefois ajouté.
[ … ]
Le président français, Jacques Chirac, a, quant à lui, jugé "inacceptable" que l'Iran se dote de l'arme nucléaire mais a laissé la porte ouverte à la reprise des discussions avec Téhéran, s'en tenant pour le moment à l'option diplomatique pour tenter de faire fléchir l'Iran, dans une interview au quotidien égyptien Al Ahram publiée mercredi, à l'occasion de sa visite officielle en Egypte.

"All options are on the table", declared Mr. Bush, questioned on the possibility of the use of force against Iran. "We want to solve this problem with diplomacy and we work hard toward that", he however added.
[ … ]
In an interview with the Egyptian daily Al Ahram published on Wednesday, French president, Jacques Chirac considered this to be "unacceptable" that Iran obtains the nuclear weapon but left the door open to the resumption of the discussions with Teheran, sticking for the moment to the diplomatic option to try to make Iran alter course. He made his statement during his official visit to Egypt.
Alas, were it not for America, there would be no one to tut-tut, look down on, and provide one with an air of seeming superiority. And we all know that they’re wiser, more lucid, always right. A veritable master race.

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