Friday, March 31, 2006

Nothing left to redistribute. It’s time to steal.

Socialism makes scarcity. Become socialistic enough, and even the most basic life events go into the resource roller derby ring to be fought over. Groups with a common lifestyle become factions scraping at each other in desparation. Precisly the opposite of the socialist's intent, and under the pressure of paying for it all, hunter-gathering has become their new humanism.

Like anything else which is not left to the public to mediate on its' own, it turns into a familiar situation which they’ve spread far and wide. Brussels Journal reports on a particularly Dutch political parasite who wants educated women who raise children to give the state their tuition back.

Because it costs something, motherhood is growing into little more a managed and funded program that doesn’t fit the fetishes of the social modification mindset. Therefore as a competing concept, it has to be made economically unviable. Imagined to be "breeders", they need to fit a certain mold to survive the resource fight. You may thank the grand social thinker for this high regard they have of humanity.

The only thing of interest here is that someone finally realizes that the student, not society is the only beneficiary of that subsidized education. It only informs one thing: subsidizing ANYONE'S education - not just studious women who want to be mothers. After all Doctors and engineers can always be lured into the realm with much less money then it takes to appease a member of the cult of Gramsci who are used to making something free for one group on the backs of another.

It speaks to the delusions and simplistic level of Euro-lefty thought to imagine that life once set on a path cannot change. Dignifying the tax-plutocrat's image of people with some awareness of their ingenuity has yet to reveal itself. These cranks don’t want people to think for themselves, in this case with women as their customized victims, a politcal cause can seem to be afoot. The same is true of any other group which can self-identify in the favor of the never-ending parade of guilt-trip stunts. Yet the whole notion always seems to stumble into the basic fact that success needs to be permitted to occur unfettered and without micromanagement. Lakshmi Mittal will always look like someone they wish would live differently to play into the left's sick little "Punch and Judy Show."

Although with enough repetition, anyone can be fooled. The bill then comes in.

There it extends from hurt feelings to hubris where other resources must then be fought over because they’ve been made hard to produce under the management of the betters. Under the weighty good intentions of however-many-laws-and-regs, little of note can really happen. EUtopia has a bone to pick with Microsoft for simply being a success, so too with Apple of course, and Adobe as well. Right on the heels of having missed that particular boat, they mounted said assault on Adobe well after a licensed free PDF writer made the effort transparently silly.

Regardless of outstanding complaints of non-european consumer preference monopoly, a free reader may be downloaded from their site. To read their regulations.

TCS Daily profiled the pattern:

When you can't invent, you legalize theft
When you can't control, you break it up
When you can't create, you replicate
When you can't prevent, you protect
The EU apparatus should start reading actual events instead of constructing “9th framework talks” that reek of the Soviet 5 year plans. “National champions” are in effect a contrived winner forced on a consumer regardless of their preference. The law, the rule, the policy, are advanced to make just another thing economically unviable at the alter of the social model.

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