Sunday, March 26, 2006

Fed. up.

...and showing it on the blogsphere. Students who are actually students seem to be growing a spine, organizing, counter-protesting, and want the knuckle draggers to grow up:

«Le McDo victime du CPE»

Encore un qui n'a rien demandé à personne, vous cassez tout, mais pas le CPE, j'attends vos arguments!

«Mickey D’s made victim of the anti-CPE mobs»

Still nothing required of nobody. You’ll trash everything in sight except the CPE. I’m still waiting to hear your argument!
As for what should be permitted and what shouldn’t, the left is preparing to lynch itself on it’s egalitarian, open, inclusive, petard of caring and concern:

«Or, dans les commentaires postés par les internautes, le reproche principal à l'égard du mouvement anti-blocage porte justement sur le fait qu'il serait organisé et manipulé par l'UMP et par l'UNI, le syndicat étudiant de droite. Mise au point des blogueurs, le 16 mars : "Nous tenons à rappeler que l'initiative du rassemblement de dimanche n'est pas du fait de l'UNI. Les manœuvres de ce syndicat pour tenter de s'approprier le sit-in de dimanche comme le mouvement général anti-blocage sont inacceptables".»

«However, in comments posted in the internet, the principal retort to the anti-blockade movement precisely relates to the fact that they’re accused of being organized by the UMP and the conservative student union.
March 16: "Don’t forget that the initiative of the gathering on Sunday was not because of conservative student union. The operations of this trade union to try to take over the Sunday sit-in make the anti-boycott movement is unacceptable,
There they go again. The usual ‘class theory’ bullshit that’s been parroted for a century to the resounding rejection of civilization. Do they mean to say that only conservatives have masked voilent outsiders hovering around? If so why aren't THEY the one trashing property?

Pfft!!! Get a job! The amazing thing is that everything in the anti-CPE's student's lives has been for their benefit - the "salaries" the ENArcs get, the stipends, the virtually free education... It isn't like significantly less money couldn't be spent simply recruiting people who can do the jobs many of these little ingrates pretend to be preparing themselves for.

If ANYONE tries to use the Socialist "social cost-benefit" argument when it comes to free university education, then please tell me what benefit there is to neither charging an engineering student and a sociology student equally? What actual benefit comes from the Soc student who spent 4 opinionated years in Uni playing politics when others do it for free? Don't they normally end up as an administrative assistant or doing something equally menial if they find a job at all?

What makes someone who fears the CPE employable at all?

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